The Ontario Fire Company is overseen by a five-person civilian Board elected by town’s people. This group establishes goals and provides direction to the fire company through the Fire Chief.

The current board members are:

Jeff Garland - Chairman - Term Expires 2017

Gary Flatt - Co-chairman - Term Expires 2020

Aron Thompson - Comissioner - Term Expires 2019

Jerry Becker - Commissioner - Term Expires 2018

Chris Breed – Commissioner - Term Expires 2016

Ronald Flatt – Secretary / Treasurer

The Fire Commission generally holds its public meetingson the 1st Thursday following the first Monday of the month at 7:30 PM in Fire District Office, 6160 Walter Cone Drive.

Commissioners encourage you to review their reports as well as the minutes of their recent meetings. They also welcome your active participation in the agenda of their next scheduled meeting.